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By Thehousethatlarsbuilt @houselarsbuilt
ANNOUNCEMENT! This song came into my head the moment we found out the news that we are indeed "coming to America". It's true! We're moving to America!
Now, had you mentioned moving to america 8 months ago there would have been no question that I wanted to skidattle (sp?) on out of here, but a funny thing happened that I did not foresee those short 8 months ago. I now like Denmark. I don't think I ever mentioned it here on my blog how much I struggled liking Denmark. Just ask my husband what I really thought about it (or don't, it's pretty depressing). When I first moved here after getting married I thought it would be a piece of cake; I mean, I LOOK like a Dane so clearly I would fit in alright. Right? Wrong! It might as well have been China. At least in China I would have been expecting the cultural differences, but here it's a bit more subtle from the outside. Once I got here and tried navigating the governmental system and etiquette and social expectations and the postal system and CUSTOMER SERVICE (ie: not very existant) I realized that America and Denmark are very different. And I found myself becoming more and more American.
Goodness, this is cathartic.
BUT THEN, I met some nice, creative, and supporting ladies who I started working with and then moved into their studio and now, I feel involved and purposeful and willing to work with the postal system (though I still have my moments). I started seeing the country in new eyes. That, and it was summer again and Denmark is just better in the summertime.
SO NOW after all that we are moving west! We'll be spending the holidays with my family in California and then packing up a car to Utah. UTAH! Provo, Utah to be exact. Ok, so let's talk about this now. I did my undergrad in Utah and quite honestly I didn't think I'd return, but here we go. And we are thrilled! I hear there are a lot of clever and creative people there too so let me know if you are one of them. It'd be nice to do some fun projects, doncha think?!
Now comes the serious and more personal stuff. (My face is turning red now!). I am now on the job hunt! I'll be continuing The House That Lars Built, of course (I LOVE THIS!), and my freelance projects and need to add on another job. Ideally, my job would be to make awesome projects all the time for this blog, but for now I'm looking for a designer/crafter or social media job. If you have any leads in the Provo, Utah area, or working remotely I'd love to hear them and would be so super appreciative! thehousethatlarsbuilt@gmail.com. You can check out my portfolio here. ALSO, if you know of any places for rent in the Provo area (closer to BYU preferably or more specifically a littler charmer on Center Street) that would be wonderful to know.
I want to thank you for following along on our adventures so far. Whether you've been reading from the beginning or brand new, I thank you for coming back. I value each comment, each click, each "like" and I hope do many more mighty projects for you.
I am so grateful for the friends I've made here in Denmark and tear up thinking about leaving but you know what I say? No "good-byes," just "see you laters." Much better.

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