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Anna Breytenbach – Animal Communicator

By Luphil

I tonight received the link to a most touching documentary, The Animal Communicator. It is about psychic animal communication and portrays the work of Anna Breytenbach, a South African-based professional animal communicator. She has dedicated her life to what she calls interspecies communication. “She sends detailed messages to animals through pictures and thoughts. She then receives messages of remarkable clarity back from the animals. Anna can feel the scars hidden under a monkeys fur, she can understand the detailed story that is causing a birds trauma, she transforms a deadly snarling leopard into a relaxed content cat – the whole animal kingdom comes alive in a way never seen before – wild birds land on her shoulders, fish gather around her when she swims, and wild unfamiliar baboons lie on her body as if she is one of their own” (from the presentation of the documantary on the site of the film festival Culture Unplugged).

Tracing animals is a very ancient tradition used by indigenous people for hunting. The movie presents interview with animal tracers describing their work.

You can find more about Anna’s work on her website There she also gives links to other The movie cannot be framed here in the blog, so just follow the link. The film is very well done and changes the understanding not only of animals but of our relation to creation.

There is a short YouTube presentation of Anna, see below.


Anna Breytenbach, the Animal Communicator, pic from the documentary (c)


A traumatised wild black leopard who totally changed his behavior after communicating with Anna, pic from the documentary (c)

Anna Breytenbach introducing her work.

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