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And The Winner Of America’s Next Top Model Is…

By Peacelovesequins

I have been a big fan of America’s Next Top Model since its first season. I will admit that there was a few season that I did not watch, but I enjoy catching up on those when they have marathons on Oxygen. I think a reason I am so drawn to the show is because I would love to audition for it.

When I was 13 I was approached by a talent scout and I went to an audition. They loved me and they wanted me to come and take lessons (on them, no cost to us) and go from there. I was so excited but I decided to choose my high school dance team instead. I can’t say I fully regret it because I met one of my best friends while I was on the team and I would not change that for the world. But I do look back and think how my life may be different.

So I guess this show is a possibility at the dream I once had and would still love to do. I see no reason why I couldn’t do more than one thing. And modeling is still in the fashion world. I plan on auditioning. I guess I have waited so long because I am still iffy on makeup and in past seasons they did a lot of challenges where you had to do your own, I have been so so walking in heels but I have to say I am learning and am much much better (I no longer fall!), and technically I am 5’6 1/2” and you need to be 5’7”. I would have to be extra FIERCE to make it and I would have to work that much harder. Which I am not opposed to at all. I mean all good things take hard work. So we will see I may turn in a tape for the next season!

Now back on topic! How many of you watched tonight’s season finale of ANTM? I must admit that I was sad with the outcome but not at all surprised!

America's Next Top Model

This season’s fashion show was amazing though I must admit. I loved how they actually showed what happened during the Smashbox Cosmetics and Nine West shoots while showing peaks of the models getting ready. The outfits were also so unique and positively stunning. Although I bet it was hard to walk in some of the face masks!

America's Next Top Model

In fact I am pretty sure it was what took Leila down. She was not confident walking in the piece and probably thought “Don’t fall, don’t fall” and unfortunately she ate it TWICE! Poor girl! I knew right then she blew the whole competition. It stinks because she was one of my favorites!

Throughout this competition my likes and dislikes did a 180! In the beginning I liked Laura and I wanted to like Kiara but something about her made me dislike her. Then as the competition grew I realized what a mean girl Laura was turning into (although I think Kristen was to blame and I am sure the producers chose to show some things while omitting others). And Kiara grew on me. I think the jail shoot was where I realized that she can be soft and it where she actually let her guard down. I was really gunning for her to win. And may I add her runway walk was FIERCE!

America's Next Top Model

While waiting to hear the results my stomach was seriously turning. I am not sure why I was so nervous since I was not the one standing up there! This season the judging was a bit different. They used scores again to chose the winner. What I don’t like about this is the fact that I don’t know exactly how the social media score was being calculated. I mean what does Bryan Boy actually do? Does he decide the scores or does he just share them? Is there an equation based on likes and comments or is it subjective? It is just something I really didn’t like and I wish they would have explained how it was calculated.

So when the final decision came down to Laura and Kiara I had a small sliver of hope that Kiara would win. Sadly I was wrong. I have to say that Laura was starting to grow more on me again once Kristen left so I am not fully disappointment and I do think she will do a great job. I do love that she is not stick skinny and I think throughout her pictures have been the strongest. I wish her the best of luck and I really wish I had the dress she wore. Actually I’d take all three! BEAUTIFUL!

America's Next Top Model

Who did you want to win? How did you like the fashion show?

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