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An Autistic Cookbook {1000 Ways To Cook Popcorn Chicken}

By Thibben @aspieadventures
   So I read a lot of blogs! My favorite is with out a doubt The Pioneer Woman, no only is she from Oklahoma but her blog is just fun to read. We got her cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks, and it was pretty great. I think I like it because there is a lot of pictures and both Samantha & I are very visual people. Anyway, more and more every blog out there is adding cooking to there site so when mom headed out for a photo shoot I picked up my camera (well mom took a few before she left) and clicked on the oven to give you an inside look at our super secret family recipe that we cook . . . almost every other night!

1. First off you will need some popcorn chicken. Not nuggets or strips but popcorn! Because as I'm sure you all know they taste totally different!


2. Next your going to need Shells & Cheese. This stems from trying to get Jayden to try mac & cheese years ago I told him sponge bob square pants eats it, that's why they are shells. Flash forward to 4 years later we still eat shells the most, he has opened up & will eat lots of different kinds of mac & cheese now but shells are by far the best because again, they taste totally different!

3. Adding the cheese is a big step so don't mess it up! It's by far the best part because A. I get to have a bite before the boys eat it all! B. They boys love to watch the cheese 'slime' out of the pouch into the pot!

4. We have La' Finished Product! Two get ketchup, one with Bar-B-Q, served with a beautiful vintage 2011 sparkling apple juice.

   See, that's why parents like me don't cook on their blog! Can you imagine the e-mails after the 37th post about the correct way to cook popcorn chicken.
   Well, I hope you all like the new blog layout, I'm pretty happy with it! I'll be posting up a fathers day blog soon. Somehow I managed to fanangle (is that a real word or something my mom just used to say?) Sunday to be 100% open with nothing to do! Crazy! I'm thinkin maybe I'll stay in my Mario cut off PJ pants til 3pm then get dressed & head to a cook out at my parents house. What!?! That's right, I said it, I sport cut off Mario Bros. PJ pants all the time! Yes, I'm almost 30, thanks for pointing that out! Until next time, thanks for reading & don't forget to flick the "Follow Me" link to the right. Thanks guys!

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