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American Music Awards 2012 Best Dressed

By Peacelovesequins

I love watching award shows. I will admit it is more to see what everyone wears. The range of styles is just amazing and I always have a list of best dressed and worst dressed.

I have yet to actually watch the award show (it is taped) but I have looked at lots of pictures online and I have put together a list of my best dressed!

AMAs 2012 - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

My husband is never a big fan of what Taylor Swift wears but I actually like her style. She does have a few flops but I don’t think tonight was one of them. I loved her dress. The fact that it has long sleeves and goes to her neckline is a perfect pair with the length of the dress. It helps it not be too sexy.

AMAs 2012 - Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale

I love this simple black dress. The touch of red in the shoes and lipstick look great. With so many stars gravitating towards prints and bright colors this was a nice surprise!

AMAs 2012 - Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland

This is one of my favorite dresses of the night. I like the fact that it is not too short and comes right above the knee. All the lines and shapes are intriguing to me. I love the jewels that outline some of the lines and how it cinches at her waist perfectly. Styling in right on point in my book!

AMAs 2012 - Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler

This is my other favorite dress of the night. I guess I have a thing for intricate patterns and jewels! My main problem with this dress is it is a bit short but other than that I think it is gorgeous. I just realized the sleeves are similar to the dress Kelly Rowland has on. I also think a pop of color might have worked better for the shoes but I think she looked amazing tonight!


Who do you think were the best dressed tonight at the American Music Awards?


All Photos courtesy of CBSNEWS.

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