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Alternatives To Easter Eggs

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

As soon as boxing day has finished, the supermarkets start filling their shelves with Easter eggs ready for your children to scoff down. The problem is that pretty much everyone will be buying them a chocolate egg as well so they will have enough chocolate to last them through till Christmas!

Rather than adding yet another egg to the pile, why don’t you check out these 5 alternatives to the traditional Easter egg instead?

Sweet Jars

With all that chocolate to choose from, they are soon going to get bored with eating chocolate. You could buy them a sweet hamper or personalised sweet jar. Why not find your own jar and decorate it yourself before filling it with their favorite sweets!

Egg cups

Rather than going with the chocolate egg route, why not give them a nice egg cup. It could be a personalised egg cup or just a novelty one that they may like. It might even encourage them to have “Egg & Soldiers” for breakfast rather than another bite of a chocolate egg!

Teddy bear

As well as eggs, rabbits are also used around Easter time on cards and gifts. Why not buy your children a soft cuddly bunny? There

Alternatives To Easter Eggs
are so many to choose from, ranging from generic bunnies through to popular characters such as Peter Rabbit.

Chocolate Pizza

If the children are getting a bit too old for Easter eggs, why not modernise it a bit! What do teenagers love more than chocolate? Pizza! Chocolate pizzas are a perfect for those who think they are too old to be smashing open an Easter egg now.

Chocolate Craft

Finally, with all the chocolate that they will have, why not buy them some sort of chocolate craft kit. For example you could buy them some chocolate moulds so that they can melt the chocolate down and recreate their own chocolates. Alternatively how about some edible decorative paints or coloured icing tubes? They could then decorate all the eggs that they have received.

Obviously a lot of the decision will depend on the age of your children. For example if you have a toddler, they may love a bunny teddy bear, however it’s unlikely that a 15 year old boy would be as grateful. Instead, they would be much happier with a jar of their favorite sweets or a gourmet chocolate pizza to enjoy.

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The Real Supermum

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