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Adventures with Experimental Shelving

By Crossstitchyourheart @TMNienaber

Well happy sunday everyone, I hope you’re having a relaxing final day of the weekend.  I am finally getting my week long spring break but will be taking the GRE Wednesday (so it’s less of a break and more of an intensive studying week).  I am still finding some time to myself to recoup before heading back into the classroom to finish up my year-3 student teaching.  I’m not doing a random facts day because I have some pretty neat DIY stuff to show (and I couldn’t think of anything to research for an article this week).

So, you remember those shelves I posted last Wednesday?  Well, I actually managed to try them out when I got home.  TA DA!

Adventures with experimental shelving
 Here’s what they look like empty.  I did have to put a couple of nails through my Les Mis poster, and that was a little sad, but there’s no where else to move the poster to.  Each of these magazine sorters cost $4.99 at Target, so not a bad price for shelving.  I put two nails into the long side and then a screw on the short side.  They’re pretty stable although a wood shelf could support more weight at the top than these.  I just liked the colors I could choose from and the plastic ones are a little cheaper than if you were to get heavy duty wood or metal.

Adventures with experimental shelving
Here are my shevles all full of stuff.  I have my journal, cross-word  puzzles (and NYT cross-word puzzle dictionary) inside the shelves along with a bunch of pens.  And I used the top to hold some DVDs as well as all my electronics chargers.  They really do keep things organized not to mention out of the way so I no longer have a night stand full of cell phone and kindle chargers.  I also get my DVDs up off the floor and now they’re nicely displayed.

Adventures with experimental shelving
This is the spot I originally wanted to put the corner shelves and have them lined from floor to ceiling (ish) but the door jam is a little too close to the other wall and it wouldn’t work.  But no fear!  There are plenty of office supplies that can work as shelves, so I got this one (I think it’s a mail sorter) turned it upside down, and am using it to store office supplies originally taking space up on my desk.  Tape, post it notes, index cards, the usual suspects.  You can also see a small contingent of my rubber duck collection on the side there.   This one just took two screws to stay in the wall and it’s holding up well.

I added a purse hook to the bottom so now I can keep my purse off the floor as well, and when the door is opened you can’t even see the shelf anymore.  It all worked out perfectly and now I have a lot more desk and floor space.  Not to mention these little office supplies fit on parts of  my wall I really wouldn’t be able to have much (if any) useful shelving.  So thank you Pinterest for this fantastic idea!

Hope you all are having a good Sunday, do something crafty!

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