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Advent Calendar Plasticine Mould

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Advent Calendar Plasticine Mould It's no secret that last year I made two mini-travel advent calendars for my two daughters.  This year, for a variety of reasons, including 'preschool-peer-group-pressure' and 'fur-baby-fatigue' (you can see the puppy on facebook), I went the 'easy' option and purchased two prepackaged chocolate-box versions from the supermarket.
So far so good - the girls love looking for the numbers, popping open the window and extracting the little chocolate figurines.

(FYI: to illustrate that we're not all fallible; the first window we opened the girls and I all let out a collective sad-sigh as we thought the chocolates had melted in the boot of the car... the girls decided to eat them anyway, and it was only as I was trying to extract what looked like a flat-choc-mess, that the real little figurine popped out of the plastic mould hiding underneath and we all went "ah!"... live and learn, right?)
Anyway - it was a day or two later in one of those weird moments that I seem to have a lot of, that I looked at the little mould and said "this would be good for something crafty" - and it was... only thing is I'm getting impatient for Christmas to come around so that I can get the plastic moulds out of their festive wrapper and put my idea into real use.
I discovered that chocolate advent calendars make great plasticine moulds!
Here's how:
  • Buy a chocolate advent calendar (you could probably get one cheap mow that the countdown has already begun),
  • Open the windows and eat the chocolate,
  • Roll a little ball of plasticine and gently push it into the mould, 
  • Voila - you have a little star / angel / tree!

I never thought I would be so excited about my girls eating lots of chocolate, but I really want that tray emptied out so we can get crafty!  I'm already thinking of what other things I could pour into in... water to make festive ice cubes... hhhmmmm?
Have fun lovelies,

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