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Abuba Neck Swimming Ring; Will You Be Using One?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

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An Abuba neck swimming ring allows practicing freestyle baby swiming both at home and outside promoting baby fitness in a fun way. Says Abuba but some mothers are not giving much positive feedback to these new swimming aids.

To be honest I don’t much like the look of a baby being held up out of the water by its head, what if the head slipped through the inflatable ring?

Over 1 million of these neck swimming rings have been sold in Europe alone

These can be used from 4 weeks of age? I am not quite sure why any mother would put her month old baby in the swimming pool with a ring around its neck, but hey each to their won I guess.

“That’s awful. What if another kid yanks on it? What’s wrong with the normal baby rings?” Says one mom on my Facebook group

” Its disgusting aint it , why the hell would you put a ring around a babys neck

icon sad Abuba Neck Swimming Ring; Will You Be Using One?
 the all in one suites with floats is what my little boy has”. Says another mum


What do you think of the Abuba neck swimming rings? 


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