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About Yesterday. You Know, the Duke Hate Mail and Everything.

By Jhop
About Yesterday. You know, the Duke Hate Mail and Everything.First and foremost, thank you for the huge response and for all of the comments.  An especially big thanks to the kickass awesome Duke Report, which so graciously linked to CDTF. If you haven’t checked it out, I am not sure why you are still reading this. Go. Then please come back. Thanks. 
This rivalry, the mutual animosity and lingering disgust, should be fun. It can be snarky and it can be heated, but it should remain, above all else, good-natured and fun.  So to all of the haters, I genuinely welcomed your comments and the debate; it is not like your reaction came as a shock.  I appreciated the reasoned, albeit ultimately misguided, arguments from people like Tarrr and Will.  And, if I could, I’d give out gold stars to Jonathan and Bill, both of whom made me laugh. 
As many of you already know, I am both a Blue Devil and a Tar Heel; I crossed over to the dark side for the in-state tuition and for law school.  Don’t get me wrong, I bleed Duke blue.  In fact, it even sort of angers me when people ask.  But after receiving humorous emails taunting me about how I was too dumb to get into the holy land that is UNC, and one telling me that I deserved to get "raped by one of Dook's rapists," I just thought that I would provide a little context.  So please do not take my post as ignorance or as a lack of respect for Carolina. It is an incredible institution, located in the most picturesque college town.  I just think that your fans are mostly whiny bitches - as evidenced by a lot of the comments under my post yesterday, and even more so, by many of the ridiculous emails I received. 
The funny thing is, my post was not directed at UNC fans, they just took it that way. Which, as Sanfran pointed out, was sort of my original point – that Duke haters take everything so personally, and we just don’t care.  We are (mostly) amused by your anger, by your irrational vitriol, by your unsupported temper tantrums.  It reinforces everything we say. So, for that, I thank you.  And I really thank you for reading the blog. But let's keep it fun, okay? And just to be clear, my post was intended for all irrational Duke haters out there; here at CDTF, we do not discriminate against asshole schools, public or private. About Yesterday. You know, the Duke Hate Mail and Everything.

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