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A Thoughts About ANGER

By Saintgoody

What makes you angry? What makes you mad? I get angry when someone lied to me, when I missed a flight or when I heard people mistreated or got unfair justice.   I just want peace and equality and I’m sure you do want it as well.  Anyway, what do you do when you get angry? Me, I listen to good music or go outside just to loosen up my feelings.  I don’t like confrontations and arguments, so when I get angry, I better not to speak or talk about it until my anger submerge because I’m afraid I might say something I might regret, like what  Ambrose Bierce said “Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.”  
How would you define anger?  Anger is just an ordinary feeling, that’s why some people end up making it as one of their habit.  They let that negative emotion control their life, ruin their relationships and destroy their future.  It might be the hardest feelings to deal with but anyone have the power to avoid, control and get rid of this feeling.  It’s simply a matter of choice that you have to make.   It’s like choosing what to think and what to feel.   And if one has enough love in their life, it will be easy to throw away anger on their window.  And let’s not forget, no one gets angry end up being happy.
A thoughts about ANGER
A thoughts about ANGER
A thoughts about ANGER
A thoughts about ANGER
A thoughts about ANGER
A thoughts about ANGER
A thoughts about ANGER
A thoughts about ANGER
A thoughts about ANGER

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