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A Teaching by Swami Raganathananda.

By Atulsharmasharma
A teaching by Swami Raganathananda.A young person must be asked to work hard. Go into the world; achieve something.Let the person go out, work, satisfy his or her desires, make achievements the goal of one's life at that stage. The same person, after achievement is over, must begin to think of other higher things. Then he or she slowly withdraws one's mind from action and achievement. There is something I have missed, my own true nature. Let me try to realize this truth.

How can we find joy in work? By working for oneself? No; it is not possible to find that continuous joy in work through selfish motivations. Frustration and ennui are the end of all selfish motivations. Frustrations and nervous breakdowns are the end of a self-centred life.

It is from the human mind itself that both good and evil come. So, a little attention as to how the mind is behaving, in the context of work, is absolutely essential for all people today. Otherwise, collective life will become difficult, group life will become difficult; life between husband and wife will become difficult, because both, or either of them, has not looked into the mind at all; they have been looking outside all the time.
Swami Ranganathananda.

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