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A Reminder To Keep Going

By Irene9583 @irene9583
A Reminder To Keep Going
I wanted to write something deep…A meaningful post that will teach other people an important life lesson…A post that will be forever etched into one’s mind and soul.Something that will make people say…“Oh, this write up inspired me today.”But up to this moment, I don’t think I will be able to…Because even petty things disappoint me.Just like what happened yesterday…
In all honesty, yesterday I was feeling a bit uninspired.Yet I forced myself to create another blog background design.Something I expected to post on my Blog Backgrounds blog.Something that would make me feel I accomplished something for the day…Something that would allow me a step further on my desire to become a blog/web designer…And something that would make me feel proud of myself.So yes, I did work on a design, hoping that it would be a good one.But I ended up dissatisfied with what I came up with.It looked like I didn’t know what I was doing.Until I finally lost my patience.
When I realized that it would be useless for me to go on…I decided to pause for a while… breathe…Make sense of all those emotions I felt at that moment.Frustration…Impatience…Negative emotions that would stop me from going on.And then I felt guilty for feeling that way.Because, what the heck!Those feelings will definitely not get me anywhere!So I thought I needed to motivate myself.A Reminder To Keep Going

Starting over (especially in terms of my career) wouldn’t be easy.But then success doesn’t really happen overnight…It entails a lot of time. Hard work. Sacrifice.Patience. Courage. Perseverance.And prayers.

Small steps.Doing it one day at a time…
It’ll all be worth it in the end. :-)

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