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A Piece of My Garden

By Greengirl @GrinGarl
I live in suburbs. I like this quiet community, sometimes it is too quite but I love hearing the sound of nature without tens of cars passing by every minute.I used to hate it when I moved here. I was born in the city, I lived in the city, I'm used with the city symphony, the small store at the corner at the street and being able to go shopping any time of the day.Here it is different, the closest store is almost 2 miles away and grocery shopping means once a week trip in the city, about 30 minutes driving.
A piece of my garden
After a while I got used with this quite life, and now that I think about it, I don't want to live in the city anymore. Sometimes it doesn't matter where you live, city or suburbs, each one has pros and cons.I could tell you lots of things I enjoy about this small community, but there is just one thing I'm not that pleased with. We have deers. Lots. And rabbits. And squirrels. And we can't put up a fence.You see, I tried to plant some veggies, but the wild animals got to them before I did. Now I have just some small pot with herbs in front of the house. I wish I had a vegetable garden, but I rely on the farmer's market every Saturday and my local Wegmans. I'm thinking of buying a green house and have it for next year.
Here are some of my plants  Rosemary
A piece of my garden
A piece of my garden
A piece of my garden
A piece of my garden
I also have two types of basil, some oregano, chives, parsley and coriander but they are so tiny I couldn't get a good shoot of them. 
Two days ago I planted lots of summer and fall flowers.
In the kitchen I have some mint
A piece of my garden
I bought it few weeks ago and kept it in a glass with water. After a while I noticed itsy bitsy roots. My mint was growing. I kept adding water and still I can enjoy its smell every day. 
A piece of my garden

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