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A New Subway Sandwich

By Johnisfit @johnisfit

As you have probably noticed if you have paid attention to any of the pictures I have posted in the past about the meals I eat I do get out to Subway quite a bit. Maybe once or twice a week. Like any other restaurant there are good choices and there are bad choices.

When I am not focusing on my diet this would be a typical lunch there for me:

12" Tuna Sub, with all the fixings including cheese and olive oil
Bag of chips
2 cookies

According to my calculations the total calories for that meal is about 2,100 calories. What, you heard Subway was healthy? Think again, my friends. Very easy to go totally off the rails there despite what Jared says in their commercials.

As I have been doing good the last couple of months I have managed to avoid that kind of disaster. This has been my standard meal:

12" Turkey Sub, no olive oil, no cheese
Apple slices

That meal is much better at a little under 700 calories.

Yesterday I took a shot at a simple little change, which was:

12" Veggie Sub, no olive oil, no cheese
Apple slices

Total estimated calories for that meal is about 500, and surprisingly to me I did not miss the meat at all. I don't normally get cucumbers on my subs so I added extra cucumbers and thought about that as being the meat and it worked. It was filling, satisfying and tasty and at 500 calories for the whole meal the kind of healthy option Subway likes to advertise.

I think I've found my new go-to sandwich.

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