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A Long Time Ago @unclecreepy Told Me to Be Excited for Bioshock, He Was Right and Here is Why He Still Is: New #Bioshock Infinite Trailer

Posted on the 17 June 2011 by Acdarkknight @thedpadgames
Back in 2006, when Uncle Creepy, of Dread Central fame, and I worked at Game Stop together he told me almost daily about this awesome game coming from one of the best game designers to every live. The game was called Bioshock. I asked him for proof and he then introduced me to the System Shock series which for its time was visionary. After seeing what the talented team was capable of, I instantly pre ordered Bioshock, and wow Creepy was right. Now, gaming magician Ken Levine is back and talking about the new waring factions of Columbia in the upcoming Bioshock Infinite with the new "Factions at War" trailer proving again how right Creepy was about Ken and his work. Bioshock Infinite is already shaping up to the be one of the definitive gaming experiences of this console generation and looks better every time we see it. What do you guys think of the trailer and the change from Rapture, let us know in the comments!Invite your friends to join the Fan Boy Nation!

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