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A Little Bit of Everything - Week 20

By Greengirl @GrinGarl
Another week went by. Although it rained a lot I managed to go some gardening. I kept telling you I have a lot of work to do. It's not finished yet, actually it's far from being finished, but I'll share a couple of photos as how it looks now.

In front of the house we used to have a half-moon with bushes, some random iris and a small treeA little bit of everything - week 20Over time some of the bushed died, we replaced some last year without any luck.Two of them actually died completely. A little bit of everything - week 20After receiving approval that we can take out the rest of the bushes the fun part began. We bought some whiskey barrels, soil, flowers and got busier than a bee.  Here's how it looked earlier today. A little bit of everything - week 20A little bit of everything - week 20There are still some bushed to be taken out but we ran out of barrels. Our Maths wasn't that good. Going to order some more tomorrow. I'm so proud of our accomplishments. Can't wait until everything is arranged as we want it. I know there were some little things I could have done today but I had to try out this week's recipe. A little bit of everything - week 20 Pina Colada Cheesecakeisn't it tempting? I saw the recipe few days ago on my friend Christiane's blog and knew it's my type of sweet treat. Well, from time to time a girl needs her Pina Colada, don't you agree? A little bit of everything - week 20

I didn't have a store bought pie crust so made my own from graham crumbs and ground almonds. While I let the crust set in the fridge I mixed the cheesecake ingredients (I doubled them). In less than 5 minutes you have everything ready and your cheesecake is back in the fridge. Don't you just love when a delicious dessert is that easy? 

A little bit of everything - week 20
When the cheesecake is set, spread some pineapple preserve on top and shave some coconut. In Christiane's version the coconut is toasted.

Hubby is not a big cheesecake fan but even he agreed it tastes good. I loved the combination of creamy cheesecake with pineapple preserve. So refreshing it makes you dream you're on a Caribbean cruise having a great time.

Slice the cheesecake and enjoy 
A little bit of everything - week 20
For the complete recipe, please visit Christiane's blog  

Piña Colada Cheesecake

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