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A Good Start

By Hollyshaun0528 @TwinglesMom42
I have to say that I think we're getting off to a pretty good start on that list of things I wanted to do with kids over the summer. Both yesterday and today, we spent a good bit of time playing outside in the water. Yesterday it was water balloons and the kiddie pool. (Side note - Ky thought I meant "kitty" pool so he kept asking when he could go in the cat's pool. It was hilarious.) Today we spent a little more time in the pool, but everyone ended up enjoying being sprayed by the hose much more! Plus, I must admit I had a pretty good time chasing them around with that hose myself!

A Good Start

It took about 20 minutes to prep all of these water balloons.

A Good Start

And about 8 minutes for the kids to demolish them.

We have also gotten a decent head start on some of the art activities I had planned. Yesterday, I introduced the twins to stringing beads. I was floored by how much they loved this activity. It was so simple and they could do it completely independently. They spent about an hour doing it both yesterday and today. Additionally for today, I took everyone out on a nature walk first thing in the morning before it was too hot. I gave them each a ziploc bag and told them they could put things like leaves, flowers, or little sticks in it. I didn't allow trash or rocks for today's activity. Once we completed our walk, we used the materials collected to make nature collages. I had to help quite a bit with the glue, but overall it was a very fun and engaging activity.

A Good Start

Very focused - a rare occurrence

A Good Start

Sporting her new handmade necklace during lunch

A Good Start

We had to use glitter glue because I didn't realize we forgot to get the regular glue at the store. So nevermind the sparkles in our "nature" collages!

Now by the end of each day, we've all gotten pretty burnt out (god, I miss the twins taking a nap during the day) so I have sat down with them to watch a little TV before starting dinner. On the plus side, all the kids have been going out like little light bulbs after bathtime!
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A Good Start

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