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A Flick of the Wrist

By Heidi @missfinn
Adorning one's own wrists with baubles, bracelets, bangles, watches (sometimes more than one), and tattoos is de rigueur it seems because images are popping up everywhere on my radar. 
A Flick of the WristA Flick of the WristElle McPherson was the first person I noticed in the fashion world adorning her wrist with an assortment of baubles, including a Rolex Daytona men's watch.   
A Flick of the WristA Flick of the WristThis little trend most likely came about from humble beginnings such as having no where else to put a spare hair band.  Now friendship bracelets of all designs are being piled up our wrists.  
A Flick of the Wrist Two watches - two times to keep track of - I have enough trouble with just one time-zone! A Flick of the Wrist Giovanna Battaglia in Azzedine Alaia.  This dress is just so gorgeous I had to post this picture, but you can see she wears it well with her wrist accoutrement!A Flick of the WristA Flick of the WristA Flick of the WristA Flick of the WristA Flick of the WristA Flick of the WristA Flick of the WristA Flick of the WristWhy not try going through that box of old forgotten jewelry you keep somewhere in the back of your closet because there is bound to be something interesting you can give new life to there, or maybe if you ask nicely your grandma will let you raid her box of trinkets, you could, or at the very least, steal (sorry, borrow) your man's watch.  Whatever works, cause it seems to!
Sources: Jak&,, Elle Magazine (photograph of Elle by Gilles Bensimon).

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