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A Delaunay For Your Own Collection

By Objectsnotpaintings
With "Color Moves: Art & Fashion by Sonia Delaunay", an exhibition currently on view at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum (read my review here), I began to wonder whether one can still acquire works by Delaunay today for their own personal collection and make some money later, and the answer is yes! In fact, according to an article in the April 2011 issue of Art + Auction, Susan Brown, the shows co-curator, stated that "particularly in the past 10 years or so, there’s been a lot of focus on her work." In fact, according to the same article, six of Delaunay’s 10 auction records were set in the past year, with the final prices bringing in significantly above the estimates.
So where does one go to purchase a Delaunay work on paper or book? To Leonard Fox LTD at 790 Madison Avenue, NYC. Below is his current offering:

A Delaunay For Your Own CollectionSonia Delaunay, Tristan Tzara Juste PresentA historic collaboration of two leading figures of the 20th century French Avant-Garde: Delaunay illustrates the original edition of Tzara's collection of eleven poems with eight beautiful original color etchings.  Signed in pencil by both illustrator and author on the tirage page. One of 40 on japon nacré with additional suite containing 11 prints, all initialed by Delaunay. Seven of the eight different etchings are signed in pencil; additionally there are two duplicate initialed prints, and one that is colored by hand by Delaunay and signed in pencil.DELAUNAY, Sonia (Illustrator). "Juste Présent". La Rose des Vents, 1961. [15" x 11"]. 14ff. 56pp. 20 illustrations. (20 hors text.) General Condition: Fine. 

A Delaunay For Your Own Collection

Sonia Delaunay Robes PoemesThis beautifully illustrated volume contains 27 pochoir plates featuring women’s fashions by Sonia Delaunay. Delaunay’s eye for color, line and bold silhouette are exemplified by designs ranging from chic opera coats to slim-skirted dresses in the 1920’s style. While some plates appear as straightforward fashion illustrations, other figures are completely abstracted by geometric forms. Accompanying text by Jacques Damase taken from Guillaume Apollinaire. Signed by Delaunay and Damase.  Text excerpts of Guillame Apollinaire.  Introduction by Jacques Damase.DELAUNAY, Sonia (Illustrator). "Robes Poemes". Jacques Damase (Author). 1969. [11 1/4" x  7 7/8"]. 39pp. 27 illustrations. (27 hors text.) General Condition: Fine.

A Delaunay For Your Own Collection
Sonia Delaunay Les IlluminationsSonia Delaunay illustrates Arthur Rimbaud's 1874 “Illuminations” with fourteen original full-page pochoir illustrations, including a photographic portrait of the famous French poet with pochoir decorated borders. Delaunay’s abstract and boldly graphic compositions complement the complex rhythm of Rimbaud’s poems and prose which are printed in varying typeface and size throughout the volume. Nine of the plates are enhanced with hand-drawn graphite which gives depth and texture to the compositions DELAUNAY, Sonia, RIMBAUD, Arthur (Poets). "Les Illuminations". Paris: Jacques Damase, 1973. [22 1/4 " x 15 5/8"]. 90pp. 16 illustrations. 

A Delaunay For Your Own Collection
Sonia Delaunay Textile DesignOriginal Art Deco textile design by Sonia Delaunay consisting of a bold abstract geometric design of vibrant color, characteristic of Delaunay’s work. DELAUNAY, Sonia  (Artist). "Original Textile Design". [6" x 4 1/2"]. Contained in Frame.

A Delaunay For Your Own Collection
Sonia Delaunay Plate 10 from 'Avec Moi Meme'Etching with aquatint.  Signed and dated in pencil by artist.  Labeled 75/75. Beautifully executed etching colored with aquatint from one of Delaunay’s best books.DELAUNAY, Sonia (Illustrator). "Plate 10 from “Avec Moi-Même” ". 1970. [19 1/2" x 15 1/2" on 26" x 19 3/4" sheet]. Contained in frame, 30 x 24 1/8. ex no 75/75. 

A Delaunay For Your Own Collection

    Sonia Delaunay Plate 4 from 'Avec Moi Meme'

Etching with aquatint. Signed and dated in pencil by artist.  Numbered 75/75. Delaunay’s juxtaposition of flat planes of color with shapes composed of frenetic lines exemplifies her characteristic style in her book illustrations as well as her fashion designs.  Geometric shapes such as squares and triangles are intersected in the center of the composition by bold curves.DELAUNAY, Sonia  (Illustrator). "Plate 4 Avec Moi-Meme". 1970. [19 1/2" x 15 1/2" on 26 " x 19 3/4" sheet]. General Condition: Pristine. Contained in protective sleeve. ex no 75/75. 

A Delaunay For Your Own Collection
Sonia Delaunay Untitled (rectangles in circle)Etching and aquatint.  Delaunay departs from a traditional rectangular composition in favor of a circular form made of geometric planes of color.  Signed and numbered in pencil 75/125.DELAUNAY, Sonia (Illustrator). "Untitled (”rectangles in circle”)". [19.5" x 16.2"]  Contained in sleeve. 

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