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A Day with Daddy

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
When the girls are together the blond twin claims Daddy. She's glued to him because, well, they are both blond after all.
During Thanksgiving break the blond twin came down with a nasty cold. She spent a day sitting on a couch with a blanket. She slept, played on the computer and watched some TV.
This gave the brunette twin an opening. She glued herself to Daddy, helping him put out the Christmas lights, walk Oreo and work in the yard. She glowed the whole day. She said, "This is so much fun. I get to have Daddy all to myself today."
We try to take the girls out by themselves, but it's still hard to pull of regular dates. Between school, extra-curricular activities and play dates we're busy and tired. The brunette twin's reaction proves we need to make another effort to one parent/one child time on the calendar.

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