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A Brother's Lessons

By Nicelise
A Brother's LessonsToday is my baby brother's birthday. He's not really a baby, considering he turned 19 today, but I will always consider him my baby brother. Growing up, I always wished I had an older, protective brother, but I realized a few years ago that my brother didn't need to be older than me to be protective of me.
In honor of my brother's birthday today, I thought it would be only fitting to write about the things he's taught me about beauty and relationships.
A Brother's LessonsLess is more...when it comes to makeup and talking. If you throw too many words or questions at my brother, you will be tuned out. Sometimes you just need to get to the point. He's a man of few words, unless he is telling a funny story or talking about something important to him, although growing up in a house of women might have something do with that. He's a good listener, but you have to be a good listener when he starts talking. Based on the girls he's been interested in and dated, he has shown me that having perfect hair and makeup are not important to guys -- but your personality and character are. The only time the "less is more" mentality doesn't work with my brother is when he doesn't approve of something I'm wearing ;)
A Brother's LessonsTake risks...despite some of the consequences. I have never really been much of a risk taker, so my brother has thrown my parents for a loop when he was younger. Having fun and hitting hard are two things my brother never thinks twice about (he's a football player). He doesn't think "What if I get in trouble" or "What if I get hurt," he simply thinks "I'm going to have a freaking good time" and "I'm going to take this guy out." I think there's something to be said about the confidence it takes to do what you want and what feels right and not worry about what may happen.
A Brother's LessonsDo what you want...When my brother wants to do something, he just does it. He doesn't worry about what people think about him, he just does what he wants. If you want to do something or go somewhere, why should it matter what some else thinks of that decision or desire?
Indulge yourself...My mom jokingly calls my brother "Gucci." He likes the best of everything and finds a way to afford those luxury items he wants. Some people never do anything for themselves, but it's important to occasionally buy that expensive pair of sunglasses, dress or shoes that you've had your eye on.
When my mom told me I was having a brother, all I probably thought about was being a big sister. But I never expected to learn valuable lessons from my little brother; thankfully, I did.
xoxo Nickie

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