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#9 11:11

By Grasshopper
People around the globe are seeing 11:11 prompts. People are seeing these prompts on various clocks, number plates, phone numbers, receipts etc. It is becoming a major phenomenon. Is it just coincidence or is it too frequent to be a random event.
Its been happening to me frequently during the past five years. As an example, I have turned on the t.v. and switched the channel to a sports event where the time clock was running exactly at 11:11. Another example, I picked up a frozen pork roast from my mother's house and the price tag on it was, yes, you guessed it, $11.11. My MIND is continuously drawn to 11:11 prompts. Maybe I'm sub-consciously doing this. Who knows. But it is strange. And I'm not the only one.
What is the meaning of 11:11 ?

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