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9-11 Conspiracy - Pattern of the Times - KPMG

Posted on the 07 June 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
I've witnessed the Hawks Cafe 'forensic economist' investigation into what we've all been told was a TERRORIST ACT on September 11th 2001 for a number of years.
This three-part examination PATTERN OF THE CRIMES, PATTERN OF THE SIGNS and (this pivotal part) THE PATTERN OF THE TIMES was uploaded to GoogleVideo three years ago and it accuses some really significant (and allegedly interlinked) global players in the RICO Enterprise (as they're calling it) such as accounting firm KPMG.
Wouldn't it be interesting if the original accussees in the above video appear to have been supplanted with others accusees, namely the Crown Agents, FemComp inc and the Livery Companies, since this video was made?
The basic argument in all this is, "Risk Management software such as PTECH or PROMIS can spit out these insanely-complicated multi-player multi-level scenarios all day." and there's every chance that this is just another one, driving or somehow inserted into what might have been a legitimate investigation by the Hawks Cafe team of the movements of money relevant to the day of 9-11.
Keep awake to all games of global chess, people. Trust is something you cannot afford. Demand REAL answers to Corporate War greed.

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