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6 Cruise Tips

By Dltmontana

Six tips if you are planning on taking a cruise.

No Money Needed (Wrong) – Though cruises are “all-inclusive” meaning your accommodations, dining and basic on-boat activities are included in the cost…there ain’t no such thing as a free ride.  Expect to pay for soda, alcoholic beverages, spa services, shore excursions, casino gambling and more. Some ships have onboard plastic debit cards that makes purchases easy.  It also leads to forgetting just how many Mai Tai’s you’ve had at the piano bar.  Sometimes it’s good to count the change.

Cruise Buddies - Decide what kind of crowd you want to hang with before you book your cruise. Some cruise ships cater to families while others have an older demographic. During Spring Break season, it is possible to find ships offering specials for college students. If you have expectations about who will be joining you aboard the ship, advance research is a must.

Get Off The Boat – If you want to take advantage of the planned shore excursions—such as snorkeling, bike tours or para-sailing—when your cruise ship docks in a port, decide what you want to do as soon as possible.

Exercise Like A Drunken Sailor – Expect to get a healthy core workout in the fitness center because you’ll have to hold yourself on the equipment. The sway of the boat makes it difficult to run on a treadmill or use the elliptical machine. Don’t get too sidetracked watching TV or listening to music because you just might step off the equipment. That’s not to say you shouldn’t workout …

Let’s EAT !! – I know…you’re on vacation.  But(t)…here’s a fact you probably didn’t want to know:  “The average person gains 7 to 14 pounds on a cruise”. That’s no surprise considered the rich food and enormous spread of desserts. But(t) you don’t want to feel bloated on the beach and have Captain Ahab chasing you with his harpoon. It’s okay to treat yourself to a little more than you would at home, but don’t forget to throw in a tossed salad and some fresh fruit every now and again.

Imelda Marcos Packing Rules – The staterooms on cruise ships aren’t roomy by any definition of the word.  An inside stateroom comes with a double bed,  two small closets, three shelves and no extra room for frivolous stuff. Because most cruises have “casual” and “formal” nights, you’ll need to plan clothing and shoe choices carefully.

Kevin Gragg
Dancing Moon Travel


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