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5 Things I’m Liking In November

By Brisdon @shutuprun

Do you even care what I like? Probably not. But, in case you do, read on.

1. This book:

5 Things I’m Liking In November

It’s been awhile since I was so engrossed in a book (hated the ending though) and I can see why this is being made into a movie. I’m not sure if they’ve cast the parts of Nick and Amy yet, so who do you think should play them? I wouldn’t mind seeing Ryan Gossling (for obvious reason) paired with __________ (Gwyneth Paltrow? Rachel McAdams? Amy Adams? Clare Danes? Beth from Shut Up + Run?).

2. This new product:

5 Things I’m Liking In November

God bless the cold hearted wench who invented this heated throw blanket. I just bought one as a gift for someone (maybe it’s you!) at Costco yesterday (on sale for $23.99). I’ve made it known to anyone who will listen (Costco cashier) that I desperately need one for myself.

3. This shirt:


I will never be injured again. Okay, I might be. If this is the case, I will buy this shirt and never take it off until I can run again. I will wear this shirt everyday, eat Cheetos and cry. I would like it better if it said, “Caution: Injured  Runner. May Slap the Shit Out of You.”

4. This treat:

5 Things I’m Liking In November

Thanksgiving morning Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Pumpkin Bread with Buttered Rum Glaze. Nothing bad about that. Suck it cinnamon rolls!  Recipe HERE.

5. These pantaloons:

5 Things I’m Liking In November

Since it got cold in Colorado the other day, I have been running in these Go Lite Thermal Tights. In fact, I ran in them this morning. I would model them but I’m too lazy and they’re dirty and they smell. They are lined with a light layer of fleece that keeps your woman parts comfy and cozy. They are on sale for $55 (originally $140), but I think I got them at the Go Lite outlet in Boulder last spring for $40. That means I saved $100 so I can go spend that on something else. That’s how it works, right?

Read any good books lately? I’m always looking for ideas.

Random question: if a story was being made about your life, who would you want to be cast as you? Meg Ryan. I’ve always had a girl crush on her. She would be a prettier, cuter, more dynamic version of me. We watched “You’ve Got Mail Last Night” from 1998. I kept wondering when they were going to move to Seattle because for the first half of the movie I thought I was watching “Sleepless in Seattle”. Yes, I am Clueless in Colorado.

Any new products you’re liking on this low-key pre-Thanksgiving weekend?


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