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5 Reasons Why I’m a Terrible Mother

By Therealsupermum





As a mom I feel constantly judged and stereotyped: by society in general, and by other mums. So I got thinking. And now, to save others the trouble, here are 5 REASONS WHY I’M A TERRIBLE MOTHER!

1.I Didn’t breastfeed. No I didn’t. I tried. Not sure if it was problems with latching or positioning, but in all honesty it was AGONY. Result? Grumpy baby who was picking up on my stress. I bought a pump and expressed a pathetic amount, and also bought a tin of formula. Then I combine fed. End result? One happy well fed baby, one happy mommy.

2. I started weaning both my children before 6 months. I gave my son his first taste of baby rice at 14 weeks. At this point he was draining 9-11oz bottles every 2 hours. He’s now almost 5, in perfect health, and not -as studies would suggest- overweight or unhealthy.

3. I work. Bottom line is this: I need to pay the mortgage to keep a roof over our heads. I need to feed and clothe my children. To do all this I have to work. For my own sanity I have to work. And my children are left in the care of a child-minder. She’s lovely -kind, caring, firm-yet-fair, fun, and most importantly she’s adored by my children.

4. I had post natal depression. Oh yes. That huge taboo of mental illness. I had it pretty bad. I remember looking at my newborn and wondering when I’d feel that rush of love new mums are meant to have. There are still times now I look at my children and feel absolutely nothing. All looks perfectly normal from the outside.

But on the inside it’s a mess. The tablets help, but there are times where for a split second I think about walking out the door and not coming back. Deep down I know I could never do it through. Despite everything they are my world.

5. I’m single. Yep. I’m doing it all alone. No, I didn’t plan to be a single parent. No, I didn’t have my second child for the extra benefits. Yes, my children see their dad regularly (he’s sitting here now as I write this). It’s hard work doing it all, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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