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5 Great Travel Ideas

By Synzmemoir @synzmemoir
Who wouldn't love travelling? Most of the people I know right now are traveling. So why sit there and keep dreaming of your great travel experience? Let me give you 5 great travel ideas to start with.

5 Great Travel Ideas

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1. Caribbean Cruise  Who wouldn't love an ultimate Caribbean Cruise? I've been dreaming to go on a cruise vacation since I saw a travel series about it. I have always thought that this kind of vacation is only for the rich and famous. I was wrong. When I read a couple of blogs about their Cruise Vacation, I realize I can possibly go on a trip like this. So this one made it to my bucket list. If you're just like me who love to go on a Caribbean Cruise, visit CruiseKings. They are offering a variety of options for all budgets.
5 Great Travel Ideas 2. Adventure Travel Now this is my kind of thing. I love adventure and outdoors. I crave for it. If you’re an adventure junkie like me, you'll going to love camping, hiking trips, road trips (that counts as an adventure right?), surfing trip, caving, etc. Those are just some examples of Adventure travel. I have actually been to one lately. We went on a surf trip with my friends. I had so much fun. I'm still on a hype of all the experience we had. It's hard to forget especially when it's your first time.
5 Great Travel Ideas 3. Beach Vacation Another thing that I love. Sun, sand, sun block, and flip flops. These are just some of the things you need on this kind of trip. For the beach bums, this is your best getaway. Your stress reliever. You can practically do this with your family.
5 Great Travel Ideas 4. Romantic Getaways Perfect for a pair, but also great for solo. Who said romantic getaways need you to have a partner? You can still be romantic even you're on a solo trip. For both single and taken, you can experience a romantic getaway by staying at a luxury hotel or any honeymoon spots. I know you get the picture.
5 Great Travel Ideas 5. City Break I'm not really into a nightlife scene, but there are people who like to travel because of the party. So if you're this kind of person, Miami, Monte Carlo and Las Vagas are some of the places you'll love to visit.
So there. I hope I have given you great travel ideas to choose from. The important thing is, going solo or in pack, be sure to enjoy every travel like its your last. 
5 Great Travel Ideas

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