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23snaps, A Family Photo Sharing App With A Difference

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10033001 23snaps, A Family Photo Sharing App With A Difference

Capture and share your child’s precious moments with the ones you love.

23snaps is a private photo sharing app designed by parents, for parents.

23snaps gives you a completely safe and secure way to record the special moments in your child’s life and share them with your loved ones, wherever they may be in the world.

23snaps is designed and built by dads, with families and privacy in mind. The free 23snaps app allows parents to capture their children’s precious moments as they happen in a beautiful digital journal. Updates can be shared easily and securely with close family and friends, either in real time or through beautifully presented email digests.

23 snaps is not just Facebook for families – it has loads of unique family-friendly features like height and weight status updates, joint profiles for partners and funny sounds to get kids to look at the camera. The idea isn’t to have as many friends as possible; it’s to share and treasure your most precious moments with those closest to you.

You can download the app for iPhone or iPad here or set up your free account online at It’s quick, easy and FREE.

 23snaps, A Family Photo Sharing App With A Difference

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