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20 Healthy Monsoon Recipes for Kids

By Hemapriya Natesan @MyLittleMoppet

Since our childhood days, we've associated the rains with a cup of tea and some piping hot snacks, prepared and served lovingly by our Moms. Even as we grow and try out new foods and recipes, the charm of those rainy days lingers in our minds and they tend to bring back some lovely memories. So now that we're Moms ourselves, it's our turn to create some new memories for our children - and what better way than with some monsoon recipes for kids?

We've put together a collection of snacks, meals and beverages, and considering how erratically kids eat, you can serve any of these any time of the day! You can steam instead of frying, shallow fry instead of deep frying or try out other combinations wherever possible. The recipes here are ideal for toddlers, but not for babies, although you may be able to customize some of these as finger foods for a weaning baby.

20 Healthy Monsoon Recipes for Kids
20 Healthy Monsoon Recipes for Kids

Say what we may, kids still seem to be a fan of instant noodles! Raksha's Kitchen has an innovative and healthy solution to this problem - use the noodles to make cutlets, that are also packed with veggies! These cutlets are shallow fried too, so don't worry about the excess oil!

20 Healthy Monsoon Recipes for Kids

You don't often hear of pakodis made of moong dal, but here it is! This is one of the easiest recipes here, where all you need to do is grind the soaked dal to make the batter, and then deep fry directly. No need of any dipping or rolling of dough - quick and easy for when the kids are going nuts with hunger!

20 Healthy Monsoon Recipes for Kids

The name of this beverage, from Natural Fit Foodie, does full justice to its magical properties! Made of turmeric, milk and other spices, this is truly a magic potion that'll boost immunity and keep kids safe from the damp and cold. Serve it before bed for deep, restful sleep.

20 Healthy Monsoon Recipes for Kids

The monsoons are also a great opportunity to try out snacks from different parts of the country, like this Kalmi Vada recipe from West India. This is a different kind of recipe, where you steam the batter first, before cutting into vadas and frying. These can be prepped in advance, and fried when the mood strikes!

20 Healthy Monsoon Recipes for Kids

If you're worried about your child's weight and nutrition, these crunchy paneer nuggets from Flavours Blend will be perfect! With good protein, calcium and energy, these nuggets make for a healthy and filling snack. Serve with some sauce or ketchup and they're sure to disappear!

20 Healthy Monsoon Recipes for Kids

Sorghum is a healthy grain to introduce in your child's diet, besides just rice and wheat. This recipe requires very few ingredients besides sorghum and also an appe dish. Serve with chutney followed by a cup of milk tea for the ideal monsoon meal!

20 Healthy Monsoon Recipes for Kids

Who doesn't love potato fries or wedges? But the thought of consuming all that trans fat is what stops us from indulging in these yummy treats. But Raksha's Kitchen has a healthy version with a baked potato wedges recipe that is crunchy and has an interesting mix of spices.

20 Healthy Monsoon Recipes for Kids

Struggling to feed your kids greens? Here's the solution to your problem - palak poha pakoda! This unique recipe uses poha instead of potatoes and also includes moong dal, making each pakoda a little powerhouse of nutrition! Serve with mint chutney for some more greenery on the plate!

20 Healthy Monsoon Recipes for Kids

Want a break from all the fried snacks? Try these momos that aren't just steamed, but made with whole wheat flour! Since you can steam several at a time, these actually require less effort than fried snacks, without compromising on the taste!

20 Healthy Monsoon Recipes for Kids

Corn in all its forms is a very healthy snack, and Awesome Cuisine features a recipe that's sure to be a hit with kids. You can use fresh or frozen corn and vegetables of your child's choice. Go easy on the spices if your kid won't tolerate them.

20 Healthy Monsoon Recipes for Kids

Our Sathumaavu Health Mix isn't just for babies, it's great for older kids as well! Try these yummy and crispy sathumaavu pakodas that are super-easy to make. Just one more thing - these might not last too long on the plate!

20 Healthy Monsoon Recipes for Kids

This warm and lightly spiced masala milk recipe makes use of our Dry Fruits Powder, which adds a lovely flavor to the drink. The end result is an aromatic beverage that you'll love to sip on all day when it's raining outside!

20 Healthy Monsoon Recipes for Kids

If you're tired of plain old chips, try these zucchini crisps from Super Healthy Kids for a change! Considering that there's cheese involved, there's not likely to be any resistance to eating vegetables! Serve with a spicy sauce to bring out the flavor.

20 Healthy Monsoon Recipes for Kids

When it starts pouring from the skies, it's really hard to stop kids from running out in the rain - after all kids will be kids! But you can make sure that their fun isn't marred by illnesses, by feeding them this immunity boosting soup, packed with veggies and healing spices.

20 Healthy Monsoon Recipes for Kids

Sandwiches are popular kid-food, and they take on a new avatar in this recipe from The Soul Curry. Little sandwiches are stuffed with vegetables, dipped in batter and deep fried. The result - a crispy outer cover with soft bread and spicy filling inside - an explosion of flavors and textures!

20 Healthy Monsoon Recipes for Kids

Samosas are available everywhere - nothing new about that. But these vegetable stuffed samosas from Jamie Oliver aren't your everyday samosas - they're baked! This recipe does require a bit of time and effort, but the results are completely worth it! Great for a weekend afternoon with family!

20 Healthy Monsoon Recipes for Kids

There's something thrilling about eating street food, but it might not exactly be the healthiest option for your body! Make your kids homemade street fare with this easy pav bhaji recipe that makes use of lots of veggies. Be sure to butter and toast the pav buns for an authentic feel!

20 Healthy Monsoon Recipes for Kids

These bread rolls are little bites of monsoon heaven, with crispy fried breadcrumbs on the outside and soft vegetable filling inside. The best part is that you can use any vegetables you like, or even chicken or egg! Serve with tomato sauce and mayonnaise - great for your child's playmates!

20 Healthy Monsoon Recipes for Kids

Kids will jump up at the slightest mention of cheese, making these balls a winner in their books! A combination of cheddar and mozzarella will ensure just the right amount of creaminess and stretchiness in every bite, and they won't realize how many vegetables are hidden in them!

20 Healthy Monsoon Recipes for Kids

You've heard of hot chocolate and you've heard of soup - how do the twain meet? Sprinkle Bakes has a lovely recipe that is a cross between a hot chocolate drink and a chocolate pudding, and is ideal for cold rainy evenings when you just want to curl up with a book!

So there you go, an assortment of monsoon recipes for kids that are sure to be loved by the adults as well! If you're planning a little family get together this monsoon, pick an assortment of steamed and fried snacks along with a beverage and you're all set to bond and have fun with crunchy munchies and conversation!

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