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2 Scarves Down

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

I finished up two scarves for the Special Olympics Scarf Project and I wanted to share them with you:

2 Scarves Down

2 Scarves Down

I’m not sure how many I want to make for certain yet but I’m kind of aiming for 10 at this point but hopefully I can do more then that. If it’s an easy pattern I can usually finish one in a day or two and I have quite a long time before the due date for Iowa is January 7th but the due dates range from the beginning of December to the beginning of March 2012 so hoping to do a bunch.

I taught myself to crochet a few years ago, I’m by no means great at it but I can make something that resembles a scarf, hat, or blanket. I am not crafty at all. Practice, get a book with easy stitches, watch some you tube instructional videos and you can learn to do this too. A cheap hobby where you can support others, go for it!

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