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2-Minute Microwave Chocolate Cake (Eggless) in a Coffee Mug!!!

By Lifenspice @lifenspice
2-minute microwave chocolate cake (eggless)
Are you a person who craves chocolate now and then? Do you hesitate baking a cake with the fear of ending up eating more than you want and those extra pounds? Then this one is something for you.

I had got this recipe in my email long back and made it a couple of times. Frankly, this is not the best chocolate cake but it passes well for one good chocolate cake. A friend of mine took the ingredients to work and prepared it in her office kitchen during one of her coffee breaks!! Now, that's definitely some motivation, right?
2-minute microwave chocolate cake (eggless)
The best part of this cake is it can be prepared in 5 minutes from start to end. It can be served as a dessert when a friend comes visiting you or when you really need something to cheer you up. Did you know when you reverse the word Stressed you get Desserts?:) So here we go with the destressing.
You will try it and tell me how it turned out, wont you?:)
Ingredients for 1 mug:
3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 1/2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa
3 tablespoons sugar
1/8 tsp baking soda
1/8 tsp salt
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
3 tablespoons milk
1/4 tsp vanilla
You need a coffee mug and a microwave too!
In the mug, mix together all purpose flour, cocoa, sugar, baking soda and salt.
2-Minute Microwave Chocolate Cake (Eggless) in a Coffee Mug!!!
Add oil, milk and vanilla and mix well with a spoon. Make sure there are no lumps underneath.
2-Minute Microwave Chocolate Cake (Eggless) in a Coffee Mug!!!
Microwave at 600W for 1 minute. Then turn the microwave to highest power, in my case it was 800W and microwave 1 more minute. The cake started rising over the top but went down when the microwave turned off.
2-Minute Microwave Chocolate Cake (Eggless) in a Coffee Mug!!!
Take out and allow to cool. Drizzle some powdered sugar on top before serving.
2-Minute Microwave Chocolate Cake (Eggless) in a Coffee Mug!!!
Serves: 1 mug (you can share it with another person)
Time Required: 5 minutes

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