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14 Foods You Wouldn't Believe Are Bad For You

By Gerard @presurfer
14 Foods You Wouldn't Believe Are Bad For Youimage credit
Did you know that canned tomatoes, green tea, margarine, a Granola bar, are bad for you? They are, according to the High Cholesterol Foods Blog.
Think you're eating healthily? Guess again! Bread, vitamins and green tea; all are surprisingly unhealthy, so check out this list and change your diet for the better.
14 Foods You Wouldn't Believe Are Bad For You.
(thanks Danny)The Presurfer

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By Mike
posted on 16 July at 22:40
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As someone that worked for almost ten years supporting medical research at the University of Southern California, I beg you to remove this post. The site referenced is full of dangerously misleading health-related information and claims and uses inflammatory headlines to generate traffic to build a list for marketing (see the root url). As you can see from most of the comments on the article, many people are trying to get the author to correct the misleading information, and I have reached out the author myself, but I am concerned that this site is now being linked to from many websites, generating traffic and increasing the sites Google rankings.