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10 Things I Can't Wait to Make

By Saratpierce
TGIF! It's been quite a week! I feel like I say that EVERY week, but it's always true!
Over the past month or so I've really been craving a little creative exploration. While my free time has been somewhat nonexistent as of late, I'm determined to set aside some "me time" to let my creative juices flow. All I need is the right inspiration! 
Thank the sweet Lord for fellow bloggers! I love them all!
I've officially come up with a Top 10 list of DIY ideas I can't WAIT to dive into and I thought I would share them with you today! Without further adieu {and in no particular order} I give you my current creative obsessions:

10 things I can't wait to make

There is something about plates as table displays that makes me happy. This is such an adorable and simple idea from Lina at Fancy Frugal Life. I think this would be a great wedding gift idea {hello wedding season!} or something fun to do for a simple display. It's super easy, super cheap and super cute! Now my mind wanders to the number of other fun things you can add chalkboard to for fun displays around the house and office. 

10 things I can't wait to make

I love the idea of splitting photo like this. Angela at 365 days to Simplicity created this beautiful cherry blossom art piece that I'm dying to recreate. I did a similar project {which you'll see on Monday for the next Fair Weather Forum link up!} but it's on a much smaller scale. I've grown to really be fascinated with Japanese cherry blossoms lately so I'm hoping to add something like this to the casa de Pierce. 

10 things I can't wait to make

Oh Young House Love, how I LOVE thee! One of my all-time favorite blogs and a great source for simple DIY projects of all kinds, Sherry and John Petersik know how to turn something simple and inexpensive into something useful and fun! This is actually a fabric covered cork vase! I am notorious for my use of post-its as tiny reminders {Seriously, you should see my desk at work. My monitor is framed in little yellow notes!} so I absolutely fell in love with this idea right from the start. Not only will it allow me to add some color and life to a room but will be a great way to embrace my post-it obsession! I'm thinking I might want to put something like this in the kitchen with herbs in the middle. Thoughts?

10 things I can't wait to make

How cute is this?! LPC Interiors actually did a few fun door hangers for fall, winter and spring. {keep an eye out for summer, I'm betting there will be one on the way} I love the idea of celebrating the seasons with decorations and these are MUCH MORE personal and MUCH LESS expensive than any store-bought piece. I'm thinking of doing one for every season and major holidays. Not all at once of course!

10 things I can't wait to make

I am so in love with this idea! A wall garden of love buckets from Michele at Ten June! I have no idea where I would put this in the house since we don't really have many big open wall spaces {maybe switch it up a bit and align them vertically along narrow pieces of empty wall space} but I MUST have them. What an adorable way to bring your garden inside and add decoration at the same time! 

10 things I can't wait to make

Kate at Centsational Girl has become a fast favorite of mine {the host of the Fair Weather Forum link party... join in!} and this is just ONE of the reasons why! Not sure if you can tell but this sunburst mirror is made of paint stirrers! I love that it takes up a large bit of wall space and doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. This might be the front runner on my crafty TO DO list!

10 things I can't wait to make

Z and I are pretty practical when it comes to our dishes in that they aren't too fancy and if they drop and break in to a bazillion pieces, it's not the end of the world. BUT I have been wanting to snag some "fancier" or more personalized plates for dinner parties and family gatherings. I've been looking through pages and pages of expensive place settings but why spend BIG BUCKS on dished I'd be afraid to touch when I can follow in Kate's footsteps and make something for a lot less? Another Centsational Girl find that I'm really looking forward to doing. I may even make a few just for display as wall hangings!

10 things I can't wait to make

HOLY CUTENESS BATMAN! This is absolutely adorable and something I never would have thought to do. It seems like every time I take a trip to the beach I end up finding a handful of really beautiful shells that I contemplate taking home with me. But then I start to ask myself WHAT I could possibly do with them and I end up leaving them there in the sand. Now I don't have to do that! Erin at Stillwater Story got the brilliant idea to make her own {inexpensive} version of some Williams Sanoma artwork using simple frames and shells. This is absolutely perfect for the beach vision I have for our guest bathroom and I'm really excited about finding some perrrrty shells to do the job!

10 things I can't wait to make

So I feel that this next one requires a bit of back story explanation. The steps in our house are slatted. If something happens to find itself sitting on the stairs and you accidentally kick it... it soars straight through the slats into the mess of a storage space down below. It's  accessible but a pain in the butt to constantly be wondering where something went that USED to be there on the steps. So as you can imagine, when I saw this adorable stair basket from Stephanie at Full of Great Ideas I fell in love. What a fun and simple way to keep track of the things you place on the steps. I know in a perfect world the stairs would be clear of all clutter but let's face it, no matter how hard we try there will always be SOMETHING left there to walk over and neglect. I really love how she utilized two steps for more space instead of intruding into the walking zone. This one will DEFINITELY be happening in the weeks to come! Plus {Eart Day shout out} what a perfect way to recycle some of those used card board boxes we all have tucked away!

10 things I can't wait to make

Yet another fun idea from Centsational Girl! There's nothing like seeing something in a store with a HUGE price tag and instantly thinking, "I could make that". I find myself saying that all the time but rarely follow through but these beauties are too cute NOT to recreate. Kate, on the other hand, took this one by the stem {ha} and really made it special. There's so much freedom in what you can decorate the base with it's really exciting to think about and I can picture myself getting WAY TOO EXCITED in the gems, jewels, stones and beads isles of JoAnn Fabric! I might even consider making some seasonal versions and specialty glasses for holidays!

Hopefully I can dive into a few of these project this weekend when I'm not celebrating Easter with family and friends! Happy Friday {Good Friday, Earth Day} to you all and have a fantastic Easter weekend!
Until next time...
Do you have any projects you are dying to start? Where do you find your creative inspiration?

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