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10 Outdoor Ads with Teeth

Posted on the 02 August 2011 by Thehangline

Outdoor Ads with Teeth |

To celebrate Shark Week, I’ve compiled a list of shark-related outdoor ads. Let me clarify this is just a list and not a “best of” sort of list. As you’ll see, some of these ads are just weird, but I couldn’t pass up sharing them. Enjoy.


1 Surfboards Endure a Shark Attack

10 Outdoor Ads with Teeth

Destroyed surfboards carrying the Shark Week announcement were placed on beaches in Australia. So smart. [via Ads of the World]

2 Aldo’s Bizarre Shark-Man

Aldo Shoes

Uh. What? The photography is so well-done, I feel like I’m missing something. [via Daily Billboard]

3 Man with Shark Teeth

Discovery Shark Week Wallscape

Now that’s a freaky spectacle to behold 8 stories high. [via Billboard and Outdoor Advertising]

4 Devoured Pole-Vaulters

Shark Pole Vault Mat for Zoo Aquarium Berlin

I hope this ad for Zoo Aquarium Berlin didn’t have much effect on the athletes. [via Ads of the World]

5 Sharp Minds

JWT Shark Fins

Ad agencies are notoriously bad at self-promotion, but this idea for JWT Praha centered around a concept of “We Are Sharp” is friggin’ brilliant. See more non-shark executions at the link. [via Ads of the World]

6 Don’t Kill Sharks


This anti-shark-hunting ad isn’t groundbreaking. But between the broken glass and the giant shark, I can’t look away. [via Ads of the World]

7 Don’t Step on the Sharks

10 Outdoor Ads with Teeth

An interesting way to promote pedestrian safety in New Zealand. [via Mighty Optical Illusions]

8 Shark Eats Bus Riders

National Geographic Shark Bus

Nice freaky bus wrap for a National Geographic Channel show.

9 Sharks in 3D

Shark Week 3D Spec Billboard by Glenn Boozan

This hypothetical campaign was developed by Glenn Boozan. C’mon, Discovery, make those shows 3D and put up this campaign.

10 Ugh. Sharks in 3D

Shark Night 3D Wallscape

How can you have a 3D movie and not do something 3D on your billboard? Don’t rely on Photoshop to market your product. Come up with an actual idea. [via Daily Billboard]

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